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Título: Personal projects and rural migration in two Latin American contexts
Autor(es): Serrano, Javier Ovidio
Fecha de publicación: nov-2022
Revista: Seminar on scientific perspectives in the investigation of rural change in the context of Latin America. Organized by Berlin headquarters and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.
Resumen: This paper is about migration processes in different rural areas of México and Argentina. The approach is an unusual or eclectic approach. My specific point of interest is how migration is part of the life horizon of people in rural areas. My work is based on original ethnographic materials from northern Patagonia in Argentina, and south and western Mexico. They are very diverse contexts in two distant countries. They are different in several aspects. People are different, rural spaces are different, societies and cultures are different, and national frameworks are very dissimilar. Nevertheless, I identify some relevant common issues and elements important to discuss. The goal right now is to understand how migration is a part of the life horizon of persons in different rural areas in Latin America. This is a qualitative approach focused on the personal projects of rural people. I suggest the relevance of considering personal horizons and motivations in migration phenomena. In rural contexts and many others. Personal horizons belong to individuals; however, they have a social origin, they are social constructions. In fact, personal horizons are very similar at the local level. Ethnography shows that clearly. But what are personal projects? Essentially personal projects are imagined futures. The other essential factor is intention. So, they are also intentioned futures. Imagine and intention, are two key factors. Personal projects include aspirations, desires, goals, and objectives that configure well-defined or diffuse life horizons. It involves hope, imagination, intention, and rationality.
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