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Título: The periodicity of the Eta Carinae events
Autor: Damineli, A.
Hillier, D. J.
Corcoran, Michael
Stahl, O.
Levenhagen, R. S.
Leister, N. V.
Groh, J. H.
Teodoro, M.
Albacete Colombo, Juan F.
Gonzalez, Jorge F.
Arias, Julia I.
Levato, Orlando H.
Grosso, Monica G.
Morrell, Nidia I.
Gamen, Roberto C.
Wallerstein, G.
Niemela, Virpi S.
Fecha de publicación: 30-may-2018
Editorial: Wiley Blackwell Publishing, Inc
Citación: Damineli, A., Hillier, D. J., Corcoran, Michael, Stahl, O....& Levenhagen, R. S. (2018). The periodicity of the Eta Carinae events; Wiley Blackwell Publishing, Inc; Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Revista: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Resumen: Extensive spectral observations of η Carinae over the last cycle, and particularly around the 2003.5 low-excitation event, have been obtained. The variability of both narrow and broad lines, when combined with data taken from two earlier cycles, reveal a common and welldefined period. We have combined the cycle lengths derived from the many lines in the optical spectrum with those from broad-band X-rays, optical and near-infrared observations, and obtained a period length of Ppres = 2022.7 ± 1.3 d. Spectroscopic data collected during the last 60 yr yield an average period of Pavg = 2020 ± 4 d, consistent with the present-day period. The period cannot have changed by more than P/P = 0.0007 since 1948. This confirms the previous claims of a true, stable periodicity, and gives strong support to the binary scenario. We have used the disappearance of the narrow component of He I 6678 to define the epoch of the Cycle 11 minimum, T0 = JD 245 2819.8. The next event is predicted to occur on 2009 January 11 (±2 d). The dates for the start of the minimum in other spectral features and broad-bands are very close to this date, and have well-determined time-delays from the He I epoch.
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ISSN: 0035-8711
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