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Título: Structure of neutron stars in R-squared gravity
Autor(es): Orellana, Mariana D.
García, Federico
Teppa Pannia, Florencia A.
Romero, Gustavo E.
Fecha de publicación: 22-jun-2013
Editorial: Springer
Citación: Orellana, Mariana D., García, Federico., Teppa Pannia, Florencia A. & Romero, Gustavo E. (2013). Structure of neutron stars in R-squared gravity. Springer; General Relativity And Gravitation; 45; 4; 771-783
Revista: General Relativity And Gravitation
Resumen: The effects implied for the structure of compact objects by the modification of General Relativity produced by the generalization of the Lagrangian density to the form R plus alpha R-squared, where R is the Ricci curvature scalar, have been recently explored. It seems likely that this squared-gravity may allow heavier Neutron Stars (NSs) than GR. In addition, these objects can be useful to constrain free parameters of modified-gravity theories. The differences between alternative gravity theories is enhanced in the strong gravitational regime. In this regime, because of the complexity of the field equations, perturbative methods become a good choice to treat the problem. Following previous works in the field, we performed a numerical integration of the structure equations that describe NSs in f(R)-gravity, recovering their mass-radius relations, but focusing on particular features that arise from this approach in the profiles of the NS interior.We show that these profiles run in correlation with the second-order derivative of the analytic approximation to the Equation of State (EoS), which leads to regions where the enclosed mass decreases with the radius in a counter-intuitive way. We reproduce all computations with a simple polytropic EoS to separate zeroth-order modified gravity effects.
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ISSN: 0001-7701
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