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Título: On the relevance of chaos for halo stars in the solar neighbourhood
Autor(es): Maffione, Nicolás Pablo
Gómez, F.
Cincotta, Pablo Miguel
Giordano, Claudia Marcela
Cooper, Andrew P.
O'Shea, B.
Fecha de publicación: feb-2015
Citación: Maffione, Nicolas P., Gomez, F., Cincotta, Pablo M., Giordano, Claudia M., Cooper, A. & et al. (2015). On the relevance of chaos for halo stars in the solar neighbourhood. Oxford University Press; Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society; 453; 3; 2830-2847
Revista: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Resumen: We show that diffusion due to chaotic mixing in the neighbourhood of the Sun may not be as relevant as previously suggested in erasing phase space signatures of past Galactic accretion events. For this purpose, we analyse solar neighbourhood-like volumes extracted from cosmological simulations that naturally account for chaotic orbital behaviour induced by the strongly triaxial and cuspy shape of the resulting dark matter haloes, among other factors. In the approximation of an analytical static triaxial model, our results show that a large fraction of stellar halo particles in such local volumes have chaos onset times (i.e. the timescale at which stars commonly associated with chaotic orbits will exhibit their chaotic behaviour) significantly larger than a Hubble time. Furthermore, particles that do present a chaotic behaviour within a Hubble time do not exhibit significant diffusion in phase space.
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ISSN: 0035-8711
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