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Título: The hydrothermal system of the Domuyo volcanic complex (Argentina): A conceptual model based on new geochemical and isotopic evidences
Autor(es): Tassi, Franco
Liccioli, Caterina
Agusto, Mariano Roberto
Chiodini, Giovanni
Vaselli, Orlando
Calabrese, Sergio
Pecoraino, Giovannella
Tempesti, L.
Caponi, Cecilia
Fiebig, Jens
Caliro, Stefano
Caselli, Alberto Tomás
Fecha de publicación: nov-2016
Editorial: Elsevier Science
Citación: Tassi, F., Liccioli, Caterina., Agusto, Mariano Roberto., Chiodini, G., Vaselli, O. and et al. (2016) The hydrothermal system of the Domuyo volcanic complex (Argentina): A conceptJoual model based on new geochemical and isotopic evidences. Elsevier Science; Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research; 328; 198-209
Revista: Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research
Abstract: The Domuyo volcanic complex (Neuquén Province, Argentina) hosts one of the most promising geothermal systems of Patagonia, giving rise to thermal manifestations discharging hot and Cl−-rich fluids. This study reports a complete geochemical dataset of gas and water samples collected in three years (2013, 2014 and 2015) from the main fluid discharges of this area. The chemical and isotopic composition (δD-H2O and δ18O-H2O) of waters indicates that rainwater and snow melting are the primary recharge of a hydrothermal reservoir located at relative shallow depth (400–600 m) possibly connected to a second deeper (2–3 km) reservoir. Reactive magmatic gases are completely scrubbed by the hydrothermal aquifer(s), whereas interaction of meteoric waters at the surface causes a significant air contamination and dilution of the fluid discharges located along the creeks at the foothill of the Cerro Domuyo edifice. Thermal discharges located at relatively high altitude (~ 3150 m a.s.l.), namely Bramadora, are less affected by this process, as also shown by their relatively high R/Ra values (up to 6.91) pointing to the occurrence of an actively degassing magma batch located at an unknown depth. Gas and solute geothermometry suggests equilibrium temperatures up to 220–240 °C likely referred to the shallower hydrothermal reservoir. These results, confirming the promising indications of the preliminary surveys carried out in the 1980′s, provide useful information for a reliable estimation of the geothermal potential of this extinct volcanic system, although a detailed geophysical measurements is required for the correct estimation of depth and dimensions of the fluid reservoir(s).
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ISSN: 0377-0273
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