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Título: The Noise of Time: navigating the periphery of anthropological experimental essay film.
Autor(es): Guzmán, Rubén Hector
Fecha de publicación: 7-feb-2019
Revista: Global TRACES: Art Practice, Ethnography, Contested Heritage
Resumen: Born in the blurry intersection between ethnography and experimental essay film, The Noise of Timeproposes acreativeand innovative dialog between anthropology, distorted perspectives, essay film, literature, philosophy, art, memory and time.It expands the concept of the so-called anthropological documentaries, for it shamelessly incorporates subjective digressions, multiple disciplines and plastic and formal explorations.Based on the life and research studiesby Swedish-Argentinean anthropologist Eric Boman (1867-1924), who was thefirst one to thoroughly study the ethnic groups ofthe Andean plateau, or Punaregion, The Noise of Timeconstitutesa reflection upon civilizationand time, as seen from the perspective of Boman's revisiting ghost.The presentation will focus on the creative processes and on the exciting difficulties and possibilities innavigating the troubled waters between all disciplines involved.The talkwill include topics such as research, concept, (experimental) treatment, (unconventional) scriptwritingand structure, and it will be illustrated with examples.The Noise of Time is a biannualresearch project (currently in progress) coproduced by the Universidad Nacional de Río Negro (UNRN)and the Laboratorio Texto, Imagen y Sociedad (LabTIS) -UNRN, Argentina.
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