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Título: Exploring teachers’ verbal resources and strategies for building rapport in COVID-emergency online university courses: some preliminary ideas
Autor(es): Iparraguirre, María Sol
Eisner, Laura
Fecha de publicación: 4-mar-2021
Revista: ERL Online Session: COVID: A source of threat or opportunity for linguistic education?
Resumen: The changes in the educational system under COVID-19 have had a strong impact on our teaching and research activities. Due to the lockdown that included total restriction to in-person classroom learning, our country transitioned to remote teaching from March to December 2020 (that is, for the entire school year in Argentina). In this paper we would like to share the characteristics adopted by pandemic education in our region and present some ideas to carry out an inquiry that addresses how university teachers in this region resolved the way to carry out communication with their students in order to create and sustain the pedagogical link and create the conditions for the formation of group bonds. In particular, in this opportunity we would like to show one of the research instruments we are designing. Also, we are eager to learn about different experiences with language in emergency remote education in different local contexts around the world and we find this chance to share our ideas and work-in-progress with such a wide and diverse audience extremely valuable and are looking forward to receiving our colleagues’ feedback during the sessions, as well as exploring possibilities for future collaboration.
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