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Título: Forests and Public Policies in the Argentine Northern Patagonia Region: Small Producers, Capitals, and Territorial Claims
Autor(es): Iñigo Carrera, Valeria
Balazote, Alejandro
Stecher, Gabriel
Fecha de publicación: ago-2021
Editorial: Springer International Publishing
Citación: Iñigo Carrera, V., Balazote, A. y Stecher, G. (2021). “Forests and Public Policies in the Argentine Northern Patagonia Region: Small Producers, Capitals, and Territorial Claims”, en: Minaverry, C. y Valverde, S. (eds.) Ecosystem and Cultural Services. Environmental, Legal and Social Perspectives in Argentina. Springer International Publishing, pp. 65-81.
Resumen: The mountain area in the provinces of Neuquén and Río Negro (Argentine Northern Patagonia) is extremely rich in terms of native forest cover, soils, grasslands, waters, and landscapes. Consequently, the area is highly valued for tourism and its associated activities (real estate, for example), among others. The increase of national and foreign capitals applied to these activities entails a threat for the traditional dwellers of these lands and territories: small producers who identify themselves as belonging to indigenous peoples, and those with a criollo origin. In 2007, National Law No. 26331 on "Minimum Standards for the Environmental Protection of Native Forests" was enacted, as well as provincial laws No. 2780 and No. 4552 in Neuquén and Río Negro respectively. From then on, the management of forest areas has been subject to regulation by both the federal and the provincial states. This article examines the implications of public policies regarding nature conservation -in general- and territorial planning of native forests -in particular- in relation to the territorialities configured by the different social subjects. Furthermore, it analyzes the dynamics of increasing territorial conflicts in the forested areas of the mountain region in both provinces, as a result of the advance of different public and private ventures on lands and territories occupied by the above-mentioned small producers.
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ISBN: 978-3-030-78378-5
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