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Título: A review of social and economic performance of agroecology
Autor(es): D’Annolfo, Raffaele
Gemmill Herren, Barbara
Graeub, Benjamin E.
Garibaldi, Lucas Alejandro
Fecha de publicación: nov-2017
Citación: D’Annolfo, R., Gemmill-Herren, B., Graeub, B. & Garibaldi, L. A. (2017). A review of social and economic performance of agroecology. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, 15.
Revista: International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability
Resumen: Agroecology potentially offers a sustainable path to agricultural development as it integrates ecological principles and social and economic concerns into agri-food systems. While many descriptive studies have documented the experience of farming communities using agroecological approaches, evidence on social and economic indicators of agroecology is poorly documented in a quantitative sense. The present study aims to build a framework and provide a quantitative overview of the effects of adopting selected agroecological practices at the farm level. A literature review has been conducted in order to identify scientific work addressing the contribution of agroecology to a set of socio-economic indicators, which affect human, financial and social assets. Data extracted from 17 peer-reviewed papers were analysed using two techniques: vote counting and general linear mixedeffects models on effect sizes. We found preliminary evidence of agroecology’s positive contribution to improving financial capital. However, data extracted does not provide meaningful information on other capital endowments (human and social). This is mainly due to the fact that there is a lack of data concerning the socio-economic impact of agroecology. In addition, qualitative methods (e.g. Qmethodology) should be integrated into further research in order to capture farmer perspectives
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