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Título: Hard X-ray emission from the SNR G337.2+0.1
Autor(es): Combi, Jorge A.
Albacete Colombo, Juan Facundo
Romero, Gustavo E.
Benaglia, Paula
Fecha de publicación: jun-2007
Editorial: Springer
Citación: Combi, Jorge A., Albacete Colombo, Juan F., Romero, Gustavo E. Benaglia, Paula. (2007). Hard X-ray emission from the SNR G337.2+0.1; Springer; Astrophysics And Space Science.
Revista: Astrophysics And Space Science
Resumen: We report the hard X-ray emission of the SNR candidate G337.2+0.1. The object shows centrally filled and diffuse X-ray emission, which peaks in the hard 3.0−10.0 keV band. A spectral study confirms that the column density of the central part of the object is about NH ∼5.9(±1.5)×1022 cm−2 and its X-ray spectrum is well represented by a single power-law with a photon index Γ=0.96±0.56. Detailed spectral analysis indicates that the outer region is highly absorbed and quite softer than the inner region. Such characteristics are already observed in other X-ray plerions. Based on the morphological and spectral X-ray information, we confirm the SNR nature of G337.2+0.1, and suggest that the central region of the source is a pulsar wind nebula (PWN), originated by an energetic though yet undetected pulsar, that is currently losing energy at a rate of ∼ 1036 erg s−1 .
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ISSN: 0004-640
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