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Título: Constructive and cooperative learning in the education of teachers at university
Autor(es): Nudler, Alicia C.
Franzé, Micaela
Fecha de publicación: jul-2019
Es parte de: Twenty-sixth International Conference on Learning. Learning to make a social difference
Resumen: In this paper we describe aspects of our practice in teaching future secondary school teachers of various disciplines at university level. The main goals and challenges of the task are discussed, along with the strategies we have developed over the years, and an account of some of the results and feedback from students. The theoretical frameworks that inform our practice are also presented: ideas by Lev Vygotsky, Juan Ignacio Pozo, Carl Rogers and Telma Barreiro, among others, are briefly outlined as context for the discussion. The main problems we present are related to the promotion, at university level, of truly constructive learning processes and cooperative groups. These purposes, although generally highly valued in the psychology of learning and education literature, become real challenges in actual practice. And even though the pursuing of these aspects is important in higher education in general, they are especially relevant in the context we describe, since this course should contribute to the construction of a positive future teacher´s role by our students. We present some of the techniques and tools we have developed and, finally, we make a reference to the challenge of teaching psychology, in one combined course, to students pursuing teaching education careers in different disciplines. This final topic brings into focus the old debate in psychology of learning about generality vs. specificity of domains, which is also briefly discussed in the context of the strategies we use.
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