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Título: History in Mind: 'musées imaginaires' in Literature and Films d'Art
Autor(es): Gabrieloni, Ana L.
Fecha de publicación: jul-2017
Es parte de: 11th International Conference, “La reproduction des textes et des images”, Lausanne 2017
Resumen: This study aims at exploring unsystematic yet radically innovative changes introduced by literary texts and films d’art in traditional art-history discourse. We propose that things and beings assembled in literary and filmographic creations by Virginia Woolf et Roger Caillois among others, where essayism (Thomas Harrison 1992) is at work, constitute imaginary museums contributing to non-canonical art history. Since its reminiscences of ancient cabinets of curiosities, we define this history on and in images as “natural art history.” Things left out from real museums inscribe themselves therein to overcome the consuming effect of time and to become a conjectural kind of cultural documents.
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