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Título: An Updated Review of the Avian Footprint Record from the Yacoraite Formation (Maastrichtian-Danian), Northwestern Argentina
Autor(es): de Valais, Silvina
Cónsole Gonella, Carlos Alfredo
Fecha de publicación: 2019
Editorial: Taylor & Francis
Citación: de Valais, Silvina y Cónsole Gonella, Carlos Alfredo (2019) An Updated Review of the Avian Footprint Record from the Yacoraite Formation (Maastrichtian-Danian), Northwestern Argentina. Taylor & Francis; Ichnos; 26 (3); 224-241
Revista: Ichnos
Abstract: The Yacoraite Formation (Maastrichtian–Danian; Balbuena Subgroup; Salta Group), from Northwestern Argentina, represents a shallow epeiric unit which is the result of transgressions in the Andean basin of South America. Herein, we study the avian footprints from the Maimará locality, Jujuy province, and Quebrada del Tapón ichnosite, Salta province. The avian footprints from the Maimará locality is less diverse, made up: cf. Alaripeda isp., Avipeda isp., cf. Gruipeda filiportatis, and cf. Gruipeda isp. The avian track record from the Quebrada del Tapón ichnosite is composed of: cf. Alaripeda isp., Ardeipeda cf. egretta., Gruipeda filiportatis (=Yacoraitichnus avis) and others Gruipeda or compared to this ichnogenus, cf. Uhangrichnus isp., and several indetermined avian footprints. Both ichnological assemblages have tracks assigned to shorebirds or Charadriiformes. The facies distribution of trace fossils reinforces the overall model of a shorebird tracks dominance in moderate to low energy settings. This distribution can be divided into three sub-environments: (1) a moderate to high energy shoreline under wave action, (2) a supratidal body of ephemeral ponds, far away from direct wave influence and (3) a landward position, beyond the ephemeral ponds system. We have included all the ichnoassemblages within the shorebird ichnosubfacies as a subset of the Scoyenia Ichnofacies.
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ISSN: 1042-0940
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