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Título: Sustainable management of biodiversity in woody ecosystems: biotechnology and bioprospecting of native species from monte desert, patagonia
Autor(es): Boeri, Patricia Alejandra
Piñuel, Maria Lucrecia
Dalzotto, Daniela Cecilia
Barrio, Daniel Alejandro
Romero Alves, Maite
Cedrés Gazo, Marianelén
Sharry, Sandra Elizabeth
Fecha de publicación: mar-2019
Editorial: Nova Science Publishers
Citación: Boeri P.; Piñuel L.; Dalzotto D.; Barrio D.; Romero Alves M.; Cedrés Gazo M. and Sharry S (2019) Sustainable management of biodiversity in woody ecosystems: biotechnology and bioprospecting of native species from monte desert, patagonia. En Pedro Eisenlohr (Editor) Forest Conservation: Methods, Management and Challenges. Brasil: State University of Mato Grosso (UNEMAT). (pp. 41-66)
Resumen: Dry-land surface (i.e. semi-arid and arid regions) covers approximately one-third of the world’s land. During the last 50 years, there has been growing interest in the causes of desertification due to its impact on the global environment, economy and society. The arid and semi-arid environments represent approximately 60 percent of the continental surface of Argentina and they are divided into three different biogeographical provinces: Patagonia, Puna, and Monte. Monte is a warm shrub desert, which has a particular biogeographical interest as it lies between the Neotropical and Antarctic regions. In these areas, the main problems are logging, depleting of woody vegetation cover because of fuel woodcutting, excessive overgrazing and fire, especially during drought periods. This chapter aims to contribute to the body of knowledge of native species from Monte; particularly on their propagation and bioprospecting, in order to provide alternatives for conservation and sustainable use of these resources and to enable them to be included in ecological reforestation and restoration programs in degraded environments
ISBN: 978-1-53614-559-5
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