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Título: Genetically Modified Organism’s (GMO’s) Impact and Current Status in Latin America: Technological Sovereignty or Dependence?
Autor(es): Sharry, Sandra Elizabeth
Briones, María Valentina
Fecha de publicación: 2020
Editorial: Springer International Publishing AG
Citación: Sharry, S., & Briones, M. V. (2020). Genetically Modified Organism’s (GMO’s) Impact and Current Status in Latin America: Technological Sovereignty or Dependence?. In Agricultural, Forestry and Bioindustry Biotechnology and Biodiscovery (pp. 3-11). Springer, Cham.
Resumen: The debate on the adoption and development of GMOs continues today. The polarizations on their use have been established and do not seem to change. This polarization has also been established in Latin America, although two countries permit the cultivation of GMOs (Brazil and Argentina). After 30 years of the first GMO plant, what happened in Latin America? What position have your countries taken on the adoption, adaptation, and development of GM crops? It seems that the struggle for the development of these crops originated on other continents, but their consequences had an impact in Latin America. This debate has meant rising revenues in some countries and the delay of others in the use of this powerful technology. Is it ethical? This debate has left some countries in Latin America and the Caribbean in a technological unit, and others have been able to close the gap between the developer countries and them. GMO technology continues to be surrounded by controversial debates involving different actors. This chapter draws attention to the conflicts generated in polarized contexts and shows how, in situations of a wanted polarization, strategies are used only to defend themselves and maintain control of the situation in both positions. The point of view is from the scientific and technological development
ISBN: 978-3-030-51357-3
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