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Título: Germination response of buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) grown in northern Patagonia at different temperatures.
Autor(es): Keil, Aldana Janet
Piñuel, Lucrecia
Gallego, Juan José
Quichan, Sergio Eduardo
Zubillaga, María Fany
Fecha de publicación: 13-sep-2021
Revista: SAFV 2021
Resumen: The Lower Black River Valley (VIRN) could be considered the southernmost buckwheat growing area in the country. The environmental conditions of the VIRN make its phenological cycle extend from November to April. During this period, the average maximum temperatures (T°) vary between 29 and 21°C and the minimum temperatures between 14 and 7.8°C. The objective of this study was to determine the germination response of locally produced buckwheat at different germination T°(5; 10; 15; 20; 25; 30; 35 and 40°C). A germination chamber was used and the seeds were placed in Petri dishes conditioned with cotton, paper and adequate humidity. The number of seeds per plate was 20 with five replicates per T°. Germinated seeds were counted every 24 hours for seven days. The parameters evaluated/estimated were: germination capacity (GC); germination energy (GE); mean germination time (MTG), germination rate index (GRI). At 5, 10 and 40ºC no germination was observed. The variables CG (95%) and EG (99.9%) showed no statistical differences in the 15 to 30ºC range. However, TMG decreased with increasing T°, with the lowest values at 30-35°C (1.46 days±0.08). IVG increased to a maximum at 30°C (17.60±0.74 ). These results indicate that 30°C is the optimum T° for germination, since all parameters evaluated were optimal. The results found confirm the optimum T° (20-30°C) proposed by the ISTA standards (2009) for this crop. It is important to note that this crop germinated at T° of 15°C and 35°C which could be due to the environmental conditions where the material was grown.
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