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Título: Aquatic Transhumance in Nahuel Huapi: Update and Perspectives on Ancestral Navigation in North Patagonian Lakes
Autor(es): Braicovich, Romina
Scartascini, Federico Luis
Caracotche, Maria Soledad
Cornejo, Camila
Fecha de publicación: 6-jul-2022
Revista: 9 World Archaeology Congress, Praga, Republica Checa
Resumen: Here we are going to present the most outstanding aspects of a project that we recently started in the North Patagonian Andes. We do not pretend to show many results (since we do not have them yet), but a general look at the available background and the lines of work on which we are working on and our future agenda. From a general view the narratives in the Argentinean North Patagonian Andes, have been built mainly from a terrestrial focused perspective. In this way, nodal areas, corridors and barriers to the transit of people, objects and ideas have been identified. This perspective, however, left relegated and almost invisible the long, diverse and complex history of human use of the aquatic environments. In this presentation we propose an update of the available archaeological information, and its re-analysis in relation to the human circulation in Nahuel Huapi Lake. We will consider the presence of nodes and water routes based on the distribution of boats and the archaeological and historical information in the area. Likewise, we will integrate this information at regional scale, considering the northern Patagonian aquatic landscapes on both sides of the Andes range. Finally, we discuss the need to incorporate this perspective to the conservation and public management practices and promote a shift in the discursive and interpretive gaze to consider the diversity of views that have not yet been fully integrated.
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