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Título: Bioaerosol Concentration in a Cattle Feedlot in Neuquén, Argentina
Autor(es): Cogliati, Marisa Gloria
Paez, Paula Andrea
Pianciola, Luis Alfredo
Caputo, Marcelo Alejandro
Mut, Paula Natalia
Fecha de publicación: sep-2023
Editorial: MDPI St. Alban-Anlage 66 4052 Basel, Switzerland
Citación: Cogliati, M.G.; Paez, P.A.; Pianciola, L.A.; Caputo, M.A.; Mut, P.N. Bioaerosol Concentration in a Cattle Feedlot in Neuquén, Argentina. Atmosphere 2022, 13, 1761. atmos13111761
Revista: Atmosphere
Abstract: -
Resumen: There is a global trend toward intensive livestock breeding, which tends to increase the microbial load in the environment as well as the presence of volatile compounds and dust that can cause health issues. Cattle is the major producer of Escherichia coli (E. coli), a group of foodborne bacteria associated with severe human diseases, and Neuquén province in Argentina has one of the highest rates of uremic hemolytic syndrome incidence in the world. This paper presents the results of two sampling events of E. coli bacteria at 39 sites in La Paisana ranch (LPR), in Añelo (Neuquén), considering locations inside the pens, upwind, and downwind of the feedlot with different time steps, using a Microflow α equipment. The ranch has approximately 600 heads and clean and controlled installations. The field experiment included sampling airborne aerosol deposition and concentration using passive and active methods. Concentrations were also estimated using an atmospheric dispersion model. During the field experiment, counts of up to 2970 CFU/m3 were obtained in the cattle stockyards and up to 111 CFU/m3 at a distance of 100 m.
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ISSN: 2073-4433
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