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Título: The periodicity of the Eta Carinae events
Autor: Damineli, A.
Hillier, D. J.
Corcoran, Michael
Stahl, O.
Levenhagen, R. S.
Leister, N. V
Groh, J. H.
Teodoro, M.
Albacete Colombo, Juan F.
Gonzalez, Jorge F.
Arias, Julia I.
Levato, Orlando H.
Grosso, Monica G.
Morrell, Nidia I
Gamen, Roberto C Roberto C
Wallerstein, G.
Niemela, Virpi S.
Fecha de publicación: 30-may-2018
Editorial: Wiley Blackwell Publishing, Inc
Citación: Damineli, A., Hillier, D. J., Corcoran, Michael, Stahl, O....& Levenhagen, R. S. (2018). The periodicity of the Eta Carinae events; Wiley Blackwell Publishing, Inc; Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Revista: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Resumen: Extensive spectral observations of η Carinae over the last cycle, and particularly around the 2003.5 low-excitation event, have been obtained. The variability of both narrow and broad lines, when combined with data taken from two earlier cycles, reveal a common and welldefined period. We have combined the cycle lengths derived from the many lines in the optical spectrum with those from broad-band X-rays, optical and near-infrared observations, and obtained a period length of Ppres = 2022.7 ± 1.3 d. Spectroscopic data collected during the last 60 yr yield an average period of Pavg = 2020 ± 4 d, consistent with the present-day period. The period cannot have changed by more than P/P = 0.0007 since 1948. This confirms the previous claims of a true, stable periodicity, and gives strong support to the binary scenario. We have used the disappearance of the narrow component of He I 6678 to define the epoch of the Cycle 11 minimum, T0 = JD 245 2819.8. The next event is predicted to occur on 2009 January 11 (±2 d). The dates for the start of the minimum in other spectral features and broad-bands are very close to this date, and have well-determined time-delays from the He I epoch.
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ISSN: 0035-8711
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