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Título: “Know to prevent” in Northern Patagonia, Argentina
Autor: Winter, Marina
Abate, Sergio D.
Pasqualetti, Mariana I.
Fariña, Fernando A.
Ribicich, Mabel M.
Fecha de publicación: ago-2019
Citación: Winter, Marina., Abate, Sergio D., Fariña, Fernando A., Pasqualetti, Mariana I., Ribicich, Mabel M. (2019). “Know to prevent” in Northern Patagonia, Argentina. Scientia Parasitologica; 20; 63-63
Revista: Scientia Parasitologica
Resumen: Trichinellosis is endemic in Argentina and an important public health problem because of its high morbidity rates. In Patagonia Argentina, despite not being an important pig production area, there are outbreaks of trichinellosis due to the consumption without bromatological control of pigs meat produced domestically and wild animals meat obtained by hunting activity. Also, the production of sausages (“chacinados’’) for family consumption and informal sale contributes to the transmission. Even though one way to prevent trichinellosis is to cook meat to safe temperatures, the consumption of raw sausages should only be made after the artificial digestion method was performed on animal carcasses and a negative result was given. In this context, the aim of this study was to make workshops for children between 6 and 12 years old, tending to provide tools that reduce the appearance of outbreaks of trichinellosis in a rural area of the northern Patagonia Argentina. Under the concept of "know to prevent", the different aspects of the parasite-host-environment triad were worked on. Between August 2016 and December 2017, seven groups of students between 6 and 12 years old of two primary rural schools took part in workshops. To stimulate learning, parasites were observed through a microscope and magnifying glass. They were developed theoretical content and practical, creative and playful activities. In addition, attractive and easy-to-understand brochures were designed for children and families. As a result, 176 children from two rural primary schools in a rural area of the northern Patagonia Argentina learned for the first time what trichinellosis is, how it is transmitted and how it is prevented. To promote a necessary change of attitude tending to prevent trichinellosis, the active participation of children is essential.
ISSN: 1582-1366
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